Enid Blyton are today’s kids missing out?

A small missive today – I found one of Enid Blyton’s books, the faraway tree. I re read it in an afternoon. I was immediately transported back to my childhood when I read all her books from the Famous Five to the Secret Seven and then the tales of the enchanted wood series. I haven’t heard any young children that I know talking about these books. Sure there are great modern alternatives, but these books come from an age of innocence, they play on the fantasies of young children and for me gave me that escape that I would one day find an enchanted forest or solve a misery and be back in time for tea!

So to all the parents out there, introduce your kids to the far away tree and I assure you they will not need an iPad to get them into bed to hear the next chapter.

I am now off to solve a mystery 🙂


Getting out of bed!

Tough few weeks on the workout front and the whilst the weight is not being put back on the motivation to keep training is waning… however it is amazing how much better you feel once you have dragged your arse out of bed at 6am and done a 20K cycle…. It is not amazing how full you feel once you have eaten a whole box of malteasers buy 11am because you need the sugar mannnn!

Now having said all this we have today put in our submission to run the Chicago Marathon in October – which if we get in means many more torturous weeks of training for what will be my first full marathon. It’s been on the bucket list for years so I am hoping I get to tick this one! I just have to keep remembering how great it feels to accomplish a goal you set that you never though you would achieve. It keeps me getting up in the morning along with not wanting to go back to 300lbs!

So tomorrow morning I run – its just one step in front of the other and it does me the world of good