It’s the most wonderful time of the year……

Ok so for my first blog its going to be industry related but hopefully useful – simplicity personified but useful….

It’s the most wonderful time of the year……

Or is it? Most recruiters would say that January is a nightmare, the first week back in January is typically the time when recruiters receive the most CV’s per hour compared to any other time in the year. So if you want to be taken seriously answer the following questions before sending your resume in to any job in January:

  • Are you still hung-over?
    1. Yep – and feel sick can’t do this anymore
    2. Mildly – really fancy a bacon sandwich
    3. Not at all I want to push my limits
  • Do you really want a new job or just a lay in for another week?
    1. Go away (pulls duvet over head)
    2. If I use holiday this early in the year it doesn’t matter no one will notice and ill probably leave by August
    3. Not at all I have energy and passion that’s just not utilized
  • How long have you been in your current position?
    1. Christmas temp (4 weeks)
    2. 3-6 months
    3. less than one year
    4. Been here more than 2 years done everything I can hit a glass celling and its time for me to do something about it
  • Where are you in your career
    1. Not a clue first job out of collage
    2. 2nd Job thought this was going to be the big time role
    3. Have some good experience with solid tenure and need to step it up
  • What do you want next
    1. Just need cash have loans to pay
    2. Not sure something cool with googley bookface type company thing…
    3. I want to further my current experience in a bigger market with an opportunity for upward progression… (Or something similar to that)

I know the above is a little tongue in cheek but sometimes you have to spell out the obvious….

So if you answered mostly A’s – seriously don’t bother we will see right through your good festive season, settle down evaluate what your good at and what you want to do by all means talk to us about the market but be patient and come back when your are truly serious and willing to listen to guidance.

Mostly B’s – Your still not sure, poss a little naïve in the ways of the work place. Ask for more responsibility, take on new project, put yourself in a position to be noticed, remember only growth or someone leaving will create an opportunity for you. What do you have to do to be considered for that option? Reassess in 3-6 months.

Mostly C’s – OK you are ready – You know what you want – you know what you have done, you know your market you will listen to advice and you will be prepared at interview. You my friend are a true job seeking Jedi. Apply for those jobs speak to good recruiters, success you will find (End Yoda voice).

Happy New Year and good luck!







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