Enid Blyton are today’s kids missing out?

A small missive today – I found one of Enid Blyton’s books, the faraway tree. I re read it in an afternoon. I was immediately transported back to my childhood when I read all her books from the Famous Five to the Secret Seven and then the tales of the enchanted wood series. I haven’t heard any young children that I know talking about these books. Sure there are great modern alternatives, but these books come from an age of innocence, they play on the fantasies of young children and for me gave me that escape that I would one day find an enchanted forest or solve a misery and be back in time for tea!

So to all the parents out there, introduce your kids to the far away tree and I assure you they will not need an iPad to get them into bed to hear the next chapter.

I am now off to solve a mystery 🙂







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