A quick friday thought that will make you feel old! Even if your only 35 (cough 37)

Millennials – we have all heard this but do you really know what it means? Well let me break it down:

  • An 18 year old entering the workforce today was born in 1997
  • They were 4 when apple released the IPod (2001)
  • They were 7 when Facebook was released (2004)
  • They were 10 when the first IPhone came out (2007)
  • By they time they took an interest in world affairs the financial crisis had past and growth had returned (2012) they were 15
  • Information has always been at their fingertips.
  • Multitasking is a way of life, not a new idea.
  • Sharing intimate information once deemed personal is now the norm.
  • These are our future leaders.

Training Gen x-ers (people in their 30’s/40’s) to be able to communicate effectively with millennial’s is one of the highest training areas in multinational companies. Poor communication with this group is leading to one of the highest low engagement rates and subsequent turnover issues we are seeing. Loyalty to a company is not as strong as loyalty to a brand. Employers without an employer brand do not attract the best.

Anyways happy friday I’m gong for a run listening to my walkman.




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