Stand out from the crowd!

Every January, recruiters across the globe are deluged with people wanting a change in the new year. But how does that make you look, and are you prepared for the question “Why are you looking to move?”… “Because I’m bored” isn’t a good enough answer (although it may be true!).

So how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Well here are some top tips:

1) Apply for jobs that are relevant to your experience.
While not impossible, it is increasingly difficult to move to something new unless you are prepared to take a salary cut as your experience can often count for nothing if you are moving into a completely new area. Use your existing skills and experience to get that leg up.

2) Do your research
Make sure you know where your CV is going and why. Simply sending a CV to a company or agency is not enough. Write a concise cover letter informing an individual why you have selected them as the person who could help you most and what you bring to the table. Follow this up with a phone call – it’s your job search so be prepared to do some legwork. Once you have formed a relationship with your recruiter you will be more likely to be front of mind when an opportunity is presented.

3) We’re on your side
Reputable recruiters will do all they can to assist in the best possible way as they are rewarded based upon success. So remember they are equally disappointed if you don’t get the interview or job that was presented. Whilst they can do all they can to try to ensure success they don’t make the end decision so don’t blame them. Listen to all feedback and if none is forthcoming then change recruiters! Good recruiters will always feedback interview/CV comments both positive and negative so that everyone learns from each process.

4) People like positive people!
Don’t bring any of your personal problems to the interview, especially if the interview is quite relaxed and informal. No one wants to hire problems! Unless your personal problems are going to impact on your ability to perform your job, don’t discuss them. They are your business and talking about them makes you appear desperate/negative and not that focused on your work. So stay positive throughout.

I hope these tips help you! Good luck, stay positive and remember building good relationships is key.




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