An Individual Can Make A Difference!

If your sat there thinking well that’s not something I can affect change in, I would bet you serious money that you would be wrong.

I have just returned from a trip to Guatemala to see how the Guatemala Literacy project actually works. I am a member of a local Rotary club here and as a club we support this project as part of our international assistance program. A number of friends in the club have also supported this project personally by sponsoring a child to go to school.

I have never really been involved with these sorts of project as I was of the opinion that its not something I can see so is it really having an effect? However I did sign up to support a child through school and was very keen to go and experience where my money goes and does it make a difference!

All I can say is wow! The Co-operative for education and the Guatemala literacy program really is breaking the cycle of poverty through education. We visited the homes of children in the schools, I say homes they were mud huts sleeping 7 to a room. The generosity of the people and schools was overwhelming and the thanks we got for the small assistance we provide made me certain that this is a project I will absolute continue to support.

Until you have seen 3rd world poverty up close and personal your definition of poor will not be enough, when you see how these children and adults endure pure hardship and still smile you will realize that the human spirit is stronger than anything you have imagined before.

Seeing a child go to school because of your support and be able to get a job just because they have finished school when a large percentage don’t in Guatemala totally demonstrates that you the individual made a difference plus gain a friend for life in the child you support and the thanks from the family is so rewarding.

So I urge any organization or individual that want to make a difference with there CSR budget, check out the Guatemala Literacy Project. Its freakin awesome! Check Out






4 responses to “An Individual Can Make A Difference!”

  1. Kola Avatar

    just wanted to leave a comment so that you know that someone stopped by and this post did make a difference 🙂


    1. anythingoverice Avatar

      Many Thanks Kola – made my day 🙂


  2. Jenn at SoulMeetsBodyFitness Avatar

    What a delightful post Chris! We’re so grateful for your support and enthusiasm for the programs. You really are making a difference in Guatemala.


  3. Stephanie Avatar

    Fuego!! An amazing project indeed…. Humbling, inspiring, changing lives… ours included.
    You rocked on that trip, those children will forever remember Batman and you will forever be an inspiration.


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